Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ergonomics Made Simple - CompUrest Keyboard Stand, US Patent No 5,188,321

CompUrest Installed At
Milbank Tweed
Problem: STRESS! Computer induced repetitive stress Injuries have been an acknowledged problem for over a quarter century.  

Solution COMPUREST!  Keyboard Stand, US Patent No 5,188,321, by Bernard Hirschenson and J. Nayer Hardin SUPPORT! Provide Ample, Non-Intrusive Support Where There Is Stress 

Technique: PROVIDE ERGONIMIC SUPPORT WHERE THERE IS STRESS! Eliminating the physical stress that's part of computing eliminates the repetitive stress.  Fully supporting hands, arms, elbows and shoulders. Aid in maintaining good posture that provides neck and back support.  Taking upper body support off of legs when feet are placed flat on the floor while in a siting position eliminates stress there too. This keyboard stand is custom designed to support various technology devices.

This blog will tell the story of CompUrest, an ergonomic innovation in computers.

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